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Beginners are my favorite

Beginners are my favorite yogis. They often have no idea what to expect or only a little inkling. Their minds are open, and they are not always sure about the specifics but are eager to learn. I have witnessed many awkward first time practitioners walk into the yoga room lay their mats down, look around curiously, and watch the other

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Be One in the Community

Be One in the Community Be One Yoga Studio was founded on principles of offering good quality yoga classes at affordable rates to foster the wellbeing of our community.  Our teachers have united together from all over the world and are here to offer an eclectic variety of classes including:  Deep stretch, Vinyasa, Gentle, and Alignment based. We also provide

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Teaching Meditation in a Prison

A few months ago I agreed to accompany a long-time meditator to assist in teaching meditation to prison inmates. The inmates are young women, many of whom have children. On my first evening I wondered how the inmates would react to us. Would they think we were silly, coming into a prison to teach something called meditation? Would they sneak

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