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Resolve to Evolve

What is your New Year’s resolution? While this is an important question: The How? Where? Who? When? And Why? are just as significant as the actual resolution. About 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. A University of Scranton research study suggests that just 8% achieve their goals. In 2016, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution was to run

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Igniting Intentionality

Have you ever wondered what your passions in life are?  I revisit this question often in my life as an anchor to commit to my personal well-being and this allows for me to live life thriving versus surviving.  At the beginning of each yoga class, we often set an intention for our practice.  Imagine waking up every morning and setting

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Be Present

Every day is a gift. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. I believe the ultimate holiday gift is today, this moment, hour, minute and second. A close family friend recently lost their 19 year old child to a gun accident. I am deeply saddened from this tragic incident. I am also perplexed and left with many questions: How can it

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Make Space

One of my holiday wishes is to have a clean and decluttered house. Tis the season for shopping and consuming. However, as we accumulate more things we lose closet, counter, drawer, shelf and floor space. For the past month, instead of shopping, I have been going through my house one room at a time and getting rid of as much

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What is on your Christmas wish list? My top picks for 2017, aside from yoga (ha, ha) are: Walton Art Center tickets, massages, board games for family night, clean and decluttered house (Santa where are you?), meditation garden, and a karaoke machine (I am determined to overcome being tone deaf). While the holiday season can be a time of joy,

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Namaste! For Word of the Year

I absolutely love words! They have such power: they can heal, they can hurt, and they convey feelings, facts, figures and formulas. One thing that I find interesting is at the end of each year dictionaries such as Oxford, Webster’s, and adopt new words that reflect new usage and changing culture and proclaim a “word of the year.” So,

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