Hands on with Atom

by Julianne Lewis

“Atom’s massage’s are healing, restorative, and uplifting. I left feeling more educated about my body and confident I had done something positive for my health and well-being. Also, knowing that I would be coming back to see him again. ”

Is that tennis elbow flaring up again? Your neck sore from that unfluffy pillow? Sore from that crazy crossfit workout? Or maybe, you just need some pampering? You need to book a massage with Atom Tripp!

Atom is from Fayetteville. He graduated from Blue Cliff College Massage School in 2010. Interestingly enough, Atom knew he wanted to go into massage since he was in Elementary school! He knew he wasn’t a sportsman, but he found helping out with sports injuries rewarding. A family friend involved in sports medicine helped him realize the connection between massage and sports injury rehabilitation. This connection led him into his current career of massage working with the University of Arkansas sports teams, especially basketball. Atom also works with students and faculty in the wellness center at the U of A.

After graduating from Blue Cliff College, Atom obtained special training in other areas of massage such as: deep tissue, sports, Swedish, direct and indirect, trigger point, and tmj release. Atom appreciates joining rehabilitation and relaxation techniques for a different experience with his massage. While spending his early career in spas, his passion for sports rehabilitation moved him into gyms, fitness and yoga centers. We are so lucky that he is here with us at Be One!

Be One clientele can look forward to seeing Atom at the front of the class on Mondays at 6:45 p.m. He will be teaching a foam roller class. Join Atom to

learn foam rolling techniques, theory on increasing joint mobility, and myofacial release. Talk about relaxation!

Right now Atom is a running a promotion for $45/hour. Catch it while you can!

What does Atom love besides massage? He has a boxer he loves to play with.

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