Igniting Intentionality

Have you ever wondered what your passions in life are?  I revisit this question often in my life as an anchor to commit to my personal well-being and this allows for me to live life thriving versus surviving.  At the beginning of each yoga class, we often set an intention for our practice.  Imagine waking up every morning and setting an intention for your day and the culmination of daily intentions snowballing into activating your truest life passion(s).  Life is way too short not to dream BIG and life life NOW.

In Igniting Intentionality, I am excited to share my knowledge and over eight years of experience in fitness/wellness/yoga with you.  My intention for this three hour workshop is to cultivate a focused space comprised of three different approaches that will be blended to cater to all learning styles.

First, we will set the stage with our intentions for the workshop and some ideas for what we would like to accomplish in the three hours we spend together.  This will involve tuning in with mantra, mini meditation, and mindful movement.  Then, it is time to start delving deep and uncover/discover our truest life passions with self-work guided by yours truly.  Thirdly, we will tie everything together by sharing and connecting as a group.

It is my intention to help you activate your wildest dreams and live your life authentically.  Allow me to be the catalyst to your metamorphosis.

Om Shanti & I hope to see you on Sunday, January 7th at 1-4pm!


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