Low Back Pain Workshop

Hello I’m Jimmie!

I am looking forward to leading the October 21-22 low back pain workshop. It is for people with chronic, non-specific lower back pain. We will cover three broad subjects: breathing exercises, modified yoga poses, and relaxation.


Working with the breath is one of the essentials of yoga practice. We will focus on our natural breathing and then explore different techniques that can be helpful when in pain. The one I rely on most when I am in pain is called ocean sounding breath. I tap into this breath when I am in pain, when I am about to have a needle poked into me, and even when I am in a supermarket line that seems eternal.


Poses are also essential to yoga.  They can be simple or challenging, but we will focus on the simple ones. Sometimes we will hold a position for a few breaths, and sometimes we will do a position that has a bit of movement.  Many of these have names, like Child’s Pose and Bridge Pose.  Most of the poses that we do will be modified so that everyone can do them.


Relaxation is almost everyone’s favorite part of a yoga class. We give ourselves permission to lie on our backs in dimmed light and focus on our breaths. I will do a guided relaxation talk to help everyone relax. (Many yoga students call this part of the class naptime!)


I will also talk a bit about yoga philosophy, which includes such topics as non-violence and honesty. We will also explore subjects like self-acceptance and self-compassion.


One of my central aims will be for everyone to enjoy the workshop. I have a strong sense of humor, so be prepared to laugh.


NOTE: If you have never done yoga before, please don’t be intimidated. Beginners are welcome. I love introducing people to yoga.


I will rely on both the Boston Medical Center program and on my considerable experience with back pain and what I have learned to ease it.  Sign up early because the early bird catches the worm (& saves some money!).  You can register HERE!


See you on the mat!



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