Make Space

One of my holiday wishes is to have a clean and decluttered house. Tis the season for shopping and consuming. However, as we accumulate more things we lose closet, counter, drawer, shelf and floor space. For the past month, instead of shopping, I have been going through my house one room at a time and getting rid of as much as possible.

Holiday tip #2-Buy less. Next time you are approaching the cash register, think twice. Do you really need this? Where will it go in your house? How many hours do you have to work to purchase this item? Is the item or the space in your house more valuable? Does this item have purpose? Will it bring you joy?

What is so important about space? Space is like a blank canvas. It has so much possibility both in your house and in your head. Some people may consider spaciousness boring. But I disagree. I believe it is the mother of creativity. Also, on a more practical note, decluttering makes it easier for you to find your keys.

Need help decluttering? Reach out to a friend and offer them first dibs on your discarded items. Create a schedule and commit to one room a week, or month or whatever works best for you. Bring your gently used clothes to Be One Yoga community closet. And say hello to your new found space.

Keep in mind that letting go of things that no longer serve you can be difficult whether it’s a shirt, job, relationship or an emotion. Need help? Try Yoga. Pranayama or breath work teaches the art of letting go and making space. While the inhales are energizing and invigorating, the exhales detoxify and cleanse. Both are equally important. But in order to breath in you must let go, make space and breathe out. Click here for Be One Yoga class schedule or you can contact me at

Namaste, Nee Karas

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