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Helen Ames

Experience:15 years
Helen Ames began her yoga journey at the age of 10 with the help and guidance of her older sister. From then on yoga became the constant thread as life went through many changes, helping to guide and give her perspective. In 2013 she was inspired to become a certified yoga instructor through her yoga home The Arkansas Yoga Center. Her teachers Andrea Fournet and Bryan Fowler helped to develop her teaching in their style VariYoga, a safe accessible and sustainable practice for all people regardless of age or ability. Yoga teacher training taught her how to help others, but also gave her the tools and right thinking to create her life. She quit her regular job and began only teaching yoga focusing on living a life of purpose. Helen is a mother of two who balances motherhood with teaching yoga, she has a love of organic farming and as much traveling as she can fit it. She loves everything outdoors and is often found doing yoga, or meditating outside enjoying the simplicity of life.