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Kati Street

Position:Yoga Teacher
Kati grew up an athlete; she found yoga through a PE class and hot yoga classes in college while attaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Yoga became more than an exercise when Kati asked a co-worker how he handled the stress and he said yoga. Soon after practicing yoga there was a noticeable difference in her psyche that sparked an inquiry to understand an aspect of mind that wasn’t spoken of in her textbooks or classes. Soon after graduating college Kati traveled to NYC to deepen her own yoga practice through completing her teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga at Joschi Yoga Institute. Upon arriving back to the south Kati had recently moved to the NWA region and fell in love with yoga all over again when she was introduced to the Ashtanga Yoga tradition in 2012. Kati attended a Manju (Pattabhi Jois’ son) Ashtanga teacher training in the summer of 2016. Kati is currently a Reiki level II master and has her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling where she wants to incorporate yoga with wellness and prevention methods and for coping with mental struggles. She is a certified SOAR (Success Over Addictions and Recovery) yoga instructor, and teaches therapeutic yoga through the counseling services at the University of Arkansas. Kati is currently pursuing her PhD in Public Health at the UofA so that she can help promote wellness for mind and body medicine and develop prevention strategies in modern medicine. Kati loves the physical workout of Ashtanga, but has developed a deeper understanding of yoga as a medicine for daily life versus simply mastering the sequences. Ashtanga yoga is a physical practice that opens one’s mind. Pattabhi Jois said “The asana is complete when the mind is silent”. Each day is different; the key is balance. The practice brings balance a balance through showing one’s own samsaras (threads, habits of life). Getting on the mat consistently is more important than progressing in the asanas.