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Kristen Logan

Experience:13 Years
With a lifelong passion for dance, I began yoga in 2005 to complement my moving meditation. I began to experience improvements in my mood, modulating stress, focus, outlook, confidence, and emotion became the roots of my passion. I became enamored with circadian rhythm and the eight limbs of yoga became a compass towards balance. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training program at the Circle Yoga Shala and I learned to trust my intuition. I have dedicated extensive time studying and practicing meditation, allowing me to offer new tools to experience stretching our edge of awareness. Blending my trainings and studies in Thai Massage, Soft-tissue wellness, Dynamic Hatha Yoga, and years assisting a Chiropractor, I teach alignment and personalized activation patterns as a clear measure of physical edge, learning to unravel immobility and pain. I love studying nature as a fingerprint of the Divine and using mindfulness as a tool to highlight hidden disparate phenomena. I want you to know that you have everything that you need within you. Trust your innate wisdom and connect with your inner guide.