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Kylie Scarbrough

Experience:2 Years
I first practiced yoga in my teens. I enjoyed the similarities between it and my gymnastics background but I never practiced regularly. About five years ago, as my personal practice grew, a shift occurred. I felt an internal release + an overall balance within. It was as if a light illuminated within me and I felt a REAL connection between mind, body + spirit. One day, as I laid in savasana, a mantra came to me. 'Be Your Truth.' So each day with my family, at work, in play or on my mat...i'm just that, whatever that may be. I completed my 200 RYT in 2016 at Circle Yoga Shala in Jasper, AR. As a teacher, my focus is to safely guide students through a mindful practice. Allowing each student an open and safe space to explore what they need. You will likely begin class with a brief meditation + pranayama, followed by a vinyasa flow with an emphasis on alignment. My classes are accessible to all. Always remember to take care of yourself throughout your practice. I am merely your guide, you are the one doing the work.