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Melissa Swann

YOGA - Is to connect. First it is within yourself with breath and body; then it begins manifests outside of you into the world bringing in awareness and mindfulness. YOGA teaches us to be present in the moment using to your most powerful and unfailing tool - Prana, life force…Breath. My love of this practice started at a very young age, not so much with poses, but when my mom taught me to calm myself with quiet time using deep inhales and long exhales often with my eyes softly closed. I carry this philosophy with me always. Only now I incorporate fitness and diet into the mix. One word- transformative. Want another word - empowering. I want to challenge you with proper guidance. I love the asana journey yoga offers because the poses build on each other. It never stops. The art of my vinyasa is recognizing the energy around me. I let my intuition be my guide on how to navigate each class. The classes are as unique as the students. Music feeds my soul. I like to think of it as my breath: the symphony, my body: the poetry and together I dance. Sometimes we get breathless. I like to think of it as invigorating the body with soul. Opening the door to your highest potential.